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2018/19 Summer Season

Unfortunately, our surf coaches Janiece and Tulsa have commitments outside of Perth and can not run surf lessons this summer. Sincere apologies to all our beautiful students. 

We can not wait to be back in the waves with you again next summer! 



If you have any questions,
whether surf-related or not,
feel free to message us anytime. 

We would love to hear from you and help you out! 

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As an ASI accredited surf school in Perth, we take pride in personalizing your surf lesson.
We know how to get you surfing better, whilst keeping you safe and making sure you have a fantastic and fun experience.
Our unique teaching methods guarantee that you will be standing and riding a wave in no time!
Your lesson will be a highly enjoyable and an educational experience, with no pressure or expectations.
Well, one expectation actually, having fun!